Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuense, A.C.

Building community


During 2015, more than 136 people and institutions placed their trust and financial resources with Fechac to work together towards the common good. As a result, we increased our fundraising activities and successfully secured a 33% increase in donations above and beyond the contributions made by the business community through the voluntary contribution to the payroll tax.

All of our partnerships are built upon transparency as it generates greater trust and contributes to forming strong relationships with our allies, donors and grantee organizations. This trust compels and commits us to greater accountability, as outlined in State law.

We are committed to openness and transparency in our financial management as well as our work in compliance with the law and with a firm appreciation of the benefits to our efforts.

This section contains public information required by law (in Spanish only). Also, additional information can be found throughout our website. If you need additional information, please contact us through the INFOMEX system.